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Real estate is a very exciting and rewarding business! but finding the time and making the money is always a challenge.

DynamicEdge™ Realty is designed to provide you with automated, cutting-edge tools to save you time so you can focus on closing more deals, and a generous commission split with residuals to provide you with financial security.

80% Agent Commission Share – NO Fees!

We offer an 80% commission share to our agents, with NO FEES of any kind! No more desk fees, signup fees, annual brokerage fees, transaction fees, regional marketing fees, etc. We also reimburse you for your own agent expenses for Errors & Omissions Insurance and business software, after only minimal agent production.

Life-Changing Residuals & Retirement Benefits

10% Sponsoring Residuals  +2% Bonuses

Earn a powerful stream of income when you introduce agents to DynamicEdge™ Realty. You’ll earn up to $10,000 per year for each agent that you sponsor.

7% Retirement Benefits  +2% Bonuses!

Continue receiving a stream of passive income even after you retire from DynamicEdge™ Realty.

5% Beneficiary Benefits  +2% Bonuses!

You can also leave a stream of passive income to any beneficiary you choose (even to your own estate or to a trust)

Best-in-Class CRM and Digital Office Technology

Our DynamicEdge ™ CRM and Digital Office Technology has no rival! and it’s free!

Here are some of the amazing fully-integrated features:  your own Webpage on the DynamicEdge™ Realty website, your own Website, Marketing Automation (email and SMS) direct from the CRM, Electronic Document Signatures, Document Creation & Editing (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), Video Conferencing with Clients, Social Media Management from inside the CRM, Automated CRM Notifications to you and to your clients, digital file system, automated open house management, automated transaction worksheets and invoicing, and much more!

How much would you spend on separate software packages for all of this? With DynamicEdge™ CRM it’s all included for free! Click here to receive a full list of the features, because quite frankly, it’s just too much to list here!

Training & Mentoring

We offer intensive, hands-on, practical training and mentoring to all of our agents who want it. I’m a real estate broker and an attorney with more than 25 years of experience in real estate – I’m also a licensed real estate instructor. Our agents receive hands-on and virtual training by me and my Broker’s Team, as well as detailed “How-To” eBooks (through our own company Wiki), that you can reference any time – even while you’re sitting in your car about to walk into an appointment. Our Wiki covers everything: Handling Leads, Getting Listing Appointments, Best Practices to ensure happy clients (and more commissions!), Setting Up Your Desktop and Smartphone, and much more. Eddie, our broker, is always available for guidance or to help you through difficult situations.

Oh yeah . . . FREE Leads too!

We also offer FREE Leads to our agents – that will definitely help new agents get started, and it will help all of our agents to keep filling their pipelines.

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